HiMedia has developed their own technology and stands among the world’s handful of companies possessing the high-tech knowhow for manufacturing microbiological culture media. HiMedia offers a very broad range of media formulations; standard media and customer specified media in dehydrated form for use in different fields; clinical, food, environment, cosmetic, dairy, water, pharmaceutical industries etc. This also includes media specified by various pharmacopoeias recommended for different applications as sterility testing, microbial limit tests etc.
HiMedia已經開發了自己的技術,並且是世界上少數幾家擁有製造微生物培養基的高科技專業知識的公司。HiMedia提供非常廣泛的媒體配方; 標準媒體和客戶指定的媒體以脫水形式用於不同的領域; 臨床,食品,環境,化妝品,乳製品,水,製藥等行業。這也包括由不同應用推薦的各種藥典指定的培養基,如無菌測試,微生物限度測試等。