Dehydrated Culture Media - HiCrome 顯色培養基

Animal based Media 動物性(源)的培養基

Bacterial 細菌
料號 品名 技術文件 安全資料表
M1826 *HiCrome Coliform Broth w/SLS
M1768 *E C Blue Broth
M1850 HiColiform™ Broth, Modified
M1862 HiCrome M- Modified EC0157:H7 Selective
M1938 Hicrome Acinetobacter Agar Base
M1468 *HiCrome Aureus Agar Base
M1651 *HiCrome Bacillus Agar
M1960 HiCrome™ Bifidobacterium Agar
M2020 HiCrome™Campylobacter Agar Base
M1991I *HiChrome Chromogenic Coliform Agar(CCA)
M2026 HiCrome™ Clostridial Agar Base
M1300 *HiCrome Coliform Agar w/ SLS
M1832 "*HiCrome Coliform Agar, Modified"
M1295I *HiCrome E. coli Agar
M1295 *HiCrome E. coli Agar
M1574 HiCrome™ EC O157 : H7 Agar (equivalent to M1298) (Complies as per ISO 17025:2005)
M1574A HiCrome™ EC O157 : H7 Agar (equivalent t
M1575 HiCrome™ EC O157 : H7 Selective Agar Base (equivalent to M1430) (Complies as per ISO 17025:2005)
M1575A HiCrome™ EC O157 : H7 Selective Agar Bas
M1293 *HiCrome ECC Agar
M1294 *HiCrome ECC Selective Agar Base
M1488 *HiCrome ECD Agar w/ MUG
M1598 *HiCrome Enrichment Broth Base for EC
M1577 *HiCrome Enterobacter sakazakii Agar
M1641 "*HiCrome Enterobacter sakazakii Agar,"
M1376 *HiCrome Enterococci Broth
M1580 *HiCrome Enterococcus faecium Agar Base
M1829 HiCrome ESBL Agar Base
M1466 *HiCrome Improved Salmonella Agar
M1573 *HiCrome Klebsiella Selective Agar Base
M1831 *HiCrome KPC Agar Base
M2009 *HiCrome L.mono Differential AgarBase
M1924 HiCrome L.mono Rapid Differential Agar B
M1417F "*HiCrome Listeria Agar Base, Modified"
M1417F "*HiCrome Listeria Agar Base, Modified"
M1951 HiCrome M-Coliform differential Agar bas
M1569 *Hicrome Membrane Lauryl Sulphate Agar
M1571 *HiCrome M-TEC Agar
M1713 HiCrome™ M-TEC Broth
M1340 *HiCrome MacConkey Sorbitol Agar Base
M1985 Hicrome Malassezia Agar (Twin Pack)
M1674 *HiCrome MeReSa Agar Base
M1393 *HiCrome MM Agar
M1816 *HiCrome MM Agar Modified
M1953 Hicrome™ MRSA Agar Base,Modified
M2010 HiCrome Mueller Hinton Agar
M1712 HiCrome Nickels and Leesment Medium
M1663 HiCrome™ PA Broth
M1634 "*HiCrome Rajhans Medium, Modified"
M2011 HiCrome Rapid ECC Broth
M1974 *HiCrome Rapid MRSA Agar Base
M1296 *HiCrome Salmonella Agar
M1842 HiCrome™ Selective Salmonella Agar Base
M1837 HiCrome™ Staph Agar Base, Modified
M1931 HiCrome Staph Selective Agar
M1840 HiCrome™ Strep B Selective Agar Base
M1966 HiCrome Strep B Selective Agar Base,Modi
M1600 *HiCrome Universal Differential Medium
M1353 *HiCrome UTI Agar
M1353R *HiCrome UTI Agar
M1418 "*HiCrome UTI Agar, Modified"
M1505 *HiCrome UTI Selective Agar
M1682 *HiCrome Vibrio Agar
M1830 *HiCrome VRE Agar Base
M1925 HiCrome VRE Agar Base, Modified
M2025 HiCrome™ Yersinia Agar Base
K096 HiFast™ Coli-nella Water Testing Kit
M1469 *HiFluoro Pseudomonas Agar Base
M1540 *L. mono Differential Agar Base
M1426 *M - E. coli Broth
M1354 *M-CP Agar Base
M1789 *PYR Broth
M1414 *Rapid HiEnterococci Agar
M1465 *Rapid HiColiform Agar
M1453 *Rapid HiColiform Broth
M1078 *Salmonella Differential Agar (Twin
M1082 "*Salmonella Differential Agar, Modified
M1591 *Tryptone Bile Glucuronic Agar
Fungal 真菌
料號 品名 技術文件 安全資料表
M1297A *HiCrome Candida Differential Agar
M1456A *HiCrome Candida Diff
M1467 *HiCrome OGYE Agar Base

Chemically Defined Media 化學限定/製成培養基

Bacterial 細菌
料號 品名 技術文件 安全資料表
MCD1651 HiCrome Bacillus HiCynth Agar
MCD1991I HiCrome™ Chromogenic Coliform HiCynth™ A
MCD1466 *HiCrome Improved Salmonella HiCynth Aga
MCD1353 HiCrome UTI HiCynth Agar
MCD1682 HiCrome Vibrio HiCynth Agar
MCD1300 HiCrome™ Coliform HiCynth™ Agar w/ SLS
MCD1295 HiCrome™ E.coli HiCynth™ Agar
MCD1575A "HiCrome™ ECO157 HiCynth™ Agar, Modified
MCD1598 HiCrome™ Enrichment HiCynth™ Broth Base
MCD1641 HiCrome™ Enterobacter sakazakii HiCynth™
MCD1580 HiCrome™ E.faecium HiCynth™Agar Base
MCD1417 "HiCrome™ Listeria HiCynth™ Agar Base, M
MCD1571 HiCrome™ M-TEC HiCynth™ Agar
MCD1713 HiCrome™ M-TEC HiCynth™ Broth
MCD1340 HiCrome™ MacConkey Sorbitol HiCynth™ Aga
MCD1674 HiCrome™ MeReSa HiCynth™ Agar Base
MCD1816 "HiCrome™MM HiCynth™ Agar, Modified (HiC
MCD1633 HiCrome™ RajHans HiCynth™ Medium (Salmon
MCD1974 HiCrome™ Rapid MRSA HiCynth™ Agar Base
MCD1842 HiCrome™ Selective Salmonella HiCynth™
MCD1840 HiCrome™ Strep B HiCynth™ Agar Base
MCD1418 HiCrome™ UTI HiCynth™ Agar Modified
MCD1540 *L.mono Differential HiCynth Agar Base
MCD1414 Rapid Hi-Enterococci HiCynth™ Agar
MCD1465 Rapid HiColiform HiCynth™ Agar
MCD1453 Rapid HiColiform HiCynth™ Broth
MCD1078 Salmonella Differential HiCynth™ Agar (T
Fungal 真菌
料號 品名 技術文件 安全資料表
MCD1297A HiCrome Improved Salmonella HiCynth Agar

Vegetable Based 植物性(源)的培養基

Bacterial 細菌
料號 品名 技術文件 安全資料表
MV1826 *Coliform HiVeg Broth w/ SLS
MV1768 EC Blue HiVeg™ Broth
MV1300 *HiCrome Coliform HiVeg Agar w/ SLS
MV1295 *HiCrome E. coli HiVeg Agar
MV1575 HiCrome™ EC O157 : H7 Selective HiVeg™ Agar Base
MV1293 *HiCrome ECC HiVeg Agar
MV1294 *HiCrome ECC Selective HiVeg Agar Base
MV1488 *HiCrome ECD HiVeg Agar w/ MUG
MV1577 *HiCrome Enterobacter sakazakii HiVeg Ag
MV1641 *HiCrome Enterobacter sakazakii HiVeg Ag
MV1376 *HiCrome Enterococci HiVeg Broth
MV1580 *HiCrome Enterococcus faecium HiVeg Agar
MV1466 *HiCrome Improved Salmonella HiVeg Agar
MV1573 *HiCrome Klebsiella Selective HiVeg Agar
MV1674 HiCrome MeReSa HiVeg Agar Base
MV1393 *HiCrome MM HiVeg Agar
MV1712 Hicrome™ Nickels & Leesment HiVeg™ Agar
MV1296 *HiCrome Salmonella HiVeg Agar
MV1353 *HiCrome UTI HiVeg Agar
MV1418 """*HiCrome UTI HiVeg Agar, Modified"""
MV1505 *HiCrome UTI Selective HiVeg Agar
MV1682 *HiCrome Vibrio HiVeg Agar
MV1469 *HiFluoro Pseudomonas HiVeg Agar Base
MV1540 L.mono Differential HiVeg Agar Base
MV1354 *M-CP HiVeg Agar Base
MV1465 *Rapid HiColiform HiVeg Agar
MV1453 *Rapid HiColiform HiVeg Broth
MV1078 *Salmonella Differential HiVeg Agar
MV1082 """*Salmonella Differential HiVeg Agar,"
Fungal 真菌
料號 品名 技術文件 安全資料表
MV1297A HiCrome Candida Differential HiVeg Agar
MV1456A HiCrome Candida Differential HiVeg Agar